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Dental Equipment Supplier Customer Financing

“Dental Equipment Supplier Customer Financing Through Equipment Leasing Sources”

Dental equipment supplier customer financing solutions through equipment leasing sources are always going to be key to maximizing the number of sales you can make your target customers.

The reason for this is very simple.

A dentist or dental office, regardless of how much money they are making, are going to want to be able maximize their use of cash and credit.

The practice of utilizing financial leverage in a responsible fashion can be the key to expansion and growth that many dental practitioners are looking for.

In order to achieve their optimal use of cash, regardless of what specifically their cash requirements may be, its going to important to be able to acquire medical equipment leasing credit on a timely basis when they are looking to acquire equipment for their practice or practices.

As a supplier of dental equipment, its therefore going to be important to you that this type of credit is readily available to your target customers when you are trying to sell them equipment.

And because dentists tend to be very busy individuals, its dangerous to assume that they can easily arrange financing for themselves, or are prepared to invest the time to do so.

Many dentists are going to be looking for a “done for you” service where you are not only going to provide them with the dental equipment they wish to acquire, but you can also place them into a simple to follow equipment leasing application that will get them the capital they require for the deal with the least amount of effort.

Dental Equipment Supplier Customer Equipment Leasing Is A Competitive Necessity.

As a dental supplier of dental equipment, if you don’t have a simple to follow and highly predictable equipment financing option available to your customer, there is a good chance that your competitor will, which can put sales at risk if you require the customer to figure out their financing requirements on their own.

Being able to direct your customers into a good equipment leasing program that is designed for your sale process is not only a necessity, but also potentially a competitive advantage if you go to the trouble of setting it up correctly.

Too often, dental equipment suppliers do not have optimal financing programs set up for their customers, and while what they do have may help close some deals, its still not maximizing the potential close rate on sales for those customer that either are not getting approved, or are being provided with higher priced options than they are prepared to accept.

The best way to assure that your dental equipment supply business is well positioned for success is to work with an experienced equipment leasing broker who can properly customize a customer financing program that fits your sales model and fits the needs of your target customers.

If you’d like to get a dental equipment supplier leasing program for your customers, or want to see if you can improve upon what you already have in place, please give us a call right away so we can review you requirements and provide relevant dental customer equipment leasing options for your immediate consideration.

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Dental X Ray Equipment Leasing

“Dental X Ray Equipment Leasing Can Finance More Than Equipment”

Dental X Ray equipment leasing is very popular these days as dentists are going through the process of swapping out their old film or analog technology in favor of digital technology which basically does away with film, film development chemicals, and all the storage challenges that exist with traditional X Ray technology.

But to install a completely new digital x ray system, a busy dental practice is going to have to remove what they already have, install the new equipment, and train the staff.

In many cases, most dentists select an equipment provider with an integrated offering that will provide all related services including ongoing maintenance moving forward.

Because all of the related costs such as shipping, installation, and training are included in the buying invoice for a specific dental clinic, its highly likely that all costs can be financed within an equipment lease.

Most equipment leasing companies are very interested in funding dentists in the first place due to the strength of their average financial and credit profiles.

So when a medical based leasing facility has the ability to add further cost to a lease, most leasing company will not have a problem working that into the lease, provided that the dentist or dentist office qualifies for the amount of financing required.

Dental X Ray Equipment Leasing Can Be Put Into Place Quickly.

The other realities of the dental x ray equipment is that the vendor or seller market for equipment is highly competitive.

And just because a customer has been using the same vendor for years on the film side is no guarantee that they will be retained to provide a digital solution.

So when a vendor gets the opportunity to present a dental x ray equipment deal to a dentist that is willing to accept, subject to the approval of their financing, its critical for the vendor or seller that a dental x ray equipment leasing solution can be arranged and put into place in a matter of days.

If the lease financing process drags on, the risk of deal loss to a competitor goes up dramatically.

So if you are a reseller of dental x ray equipment is very important that you have a pre existing relationship with a equipment leasing company or equipment leasing broker who can provide fast service to your customer once they are introduced to them.

And when we are saying the financing needs to be in place quickly, any deal of $100,000 or less, should be approved in 24 to 48 hours, with the closing process soon after.

For more information on Dental X Ray equipment leasing either from a buyer or seller perspective, I suggest that you give us a call and we’ll get all your questions answered right away

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Digital Xray Equipment Financing

“Digital Xray Equipment Financing And Equipment Leasing Can Be Arranged For A Variety Of Different Systems”

Digital Xray equipment is becoming more and more popular as medical offices and labs are working to get rid of costly photo chemical development products which also carry an environmental liability with them.

The digital xray equipment option is much cleaner and lower cost over time with storage also being optimized into digital format reducing the need for xray film and the related storage space.

With the new digital xray systems there is typically a hardware, software, installation, and training cost that goes with putting in these systems.

The good news for dentists, doctors, and other medical practitioners is that all of these costs can be financed through an equipment leasing program that is geared to the medical industry.

In many cases, a complete digital xray equipment system can be financed at or near 100% of both the hard and soft costs that are going to be required to get the system up and running.

This is an exceptional level of financing that is very cash flow friendly with in many cases one the first payment or first and last payment required in advance.

Digital Xray Equipment Leasing Rates Are Some Of The Lowest In The Market

The other benefit of financing digital xray equipment through an equipment financing or equipment leasing solution is that the doctor, dentist, or medical practitioner is likely going to be eligible for great rates and terms.

Like any type of medical practice equipment leasing qualification, the keys to better rates and terms are strong credit rating, strong cash flow, and strong net worth.

This is a very common profile among dentists and doctors which makes them a very sought after target of the equipment financing and leasing industry.

And the speed of financing can also be quite impressive with application approvals for requests under $100,000 being done in 24 to 48 hours most of the time with funding to follow soon after.

To find out more about your digital xray equipment financing options, give us a call for a free assessment where we’ll outline the different solutions we have direct access to in the market place.

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Dental Chair Leasing

“Dental Chair Equipment Leasing Is Available Through Our Lease Company Network”

Dental chair leasing can be secured at or over 100% financing in certain situations.

As an example, if your dental chair has transportation and installation costs, these cost can be included in the amount of financing provided, providing for more than 100% of the dental chair purchase cost in some cases.

The great thing about dental assets in general is that they are very well liked from an equipment leasing perspective and as a result there are very good rates and terms available through medical equipment leasing programs out there.

One of the many great aspects of an equipment leasing facility is that there are options to structure it in ways to best fit the financing requirements of your practice.

For instance, if you have a taxation problem where you are trying to increase write offs to reduce taxes, you may want to consider entering into a short term operating lease to accelerate the write off of your dental chair acquisition.

Or if cash flow is tight, we can arrange an operating lease with a balloon payment at the end to minimize your monthly lease cost during the term of the lease.

If you want to retain the asset at the end of the lease, we can structure the financing into a capital lease and have you pay a nominal purchase amount at the end of the lease term in order to complete a transaction between your business and the leasing company to change the asset ownership to your business name.

Dental Chair Equipment Leasing Can Be Arranged Very Quickly

In most cases, any dental chair equipment leasing request under $80,000 can be approved and funded in a matter of days.

If multiple dental chairs are required with the purchase price going above $80,000, the financing company will require some additional review that may add a day or so to the process.

Compared to a bank or institutional loan application, and equipment leasing application can be completed in very little time, allowing you to get the asset in place and in use as fast as possible.

If you require dental chair equipment leasing, or have any other dental equipment financing requirements, please give us a call and we’ll get an application started for you right away and answer any questions you may have as quickly as possible.

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Dental Lab Equipment Leasing

Does Your Business Need To Lease New or Used Dental Lab Equipment?

Dental lab equipment leasing is an excellent source of business financing for a number of key reaons.

First, because a dental lab is considered to be part of the medical equipment industry, it is automatically going to be able to secure some great financing rates and terms as leasing companies basically trip over each other to add medical equipment leases to their portfolio.

As a result, rates for solid credit and financial performance are very good which can provide a very low cost form of capital to the dental lab owner.

Second, equipment leasing for most dental lab equipment can be secured at or near 100% of the cost to acquire the asset.  In some cases you can actually get over 100% financing as some leasing companies will add the cost of freight, installation, even training into the lease if the application is strong enough.

Third, the application turn around time, especially for amounts under $100,000, is only a couple of days on average.  Compare that to the time it takes to get an approval and then funding from a bank or institutional lender, and equipment leasing can easily become the financing solution of choice.

Because we are talking about medical equipment leasing, there is also going to be a good chance you can get solid rates and terms on used equipment as well provided its in good shape and not very old.

Get Dental Lab Equipment Leasing That Meets Your Business Needs.

Other than the potential for very good financing rates, high financing percentage, and a quick approval and funding time period, equipment leasing can also provide a  great deal of options with respect to the manner in which the lease is structured.

For instance, if cash flow is currently very tight, the lease can be structured with a balloon payment at the end of the leasing term to minimize on debt servicing requirements.

A lease can also act very much like a loan when its written up as a capital lease where the lessee intends to purchase the asset at the end of the lease term and a nominal amount is written in to the lease for the buyout of the asset from the leasing company.

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