Equipment Leasing Application Process


For all equipment financing requests we receive, are approach is to…

  • Assess your situation as quickly as possible
  • Apply To Highly Relevant Lenders For Quotes
  • Recommend the best available options
  • Help you decide on the best course of action.
  • Get An Equipment Lease Approval
  • Assist you with completing the paper work.
  • Provide ongoing customer support to you and your business.

The actual process from inquiry to funded deal goes something like this:

We get a phone call or email from a business owner or manager looking for equipment financing. We follow up with a direct phone call to quickly go over the situation and determine what information would need to be provided to support an application for equipment financing.

– We work with you to complete the necessary application information and send it out to the leasing companies that provide financing for the equipment you wish to acquire and will work with your credit and business profile.

– Once we get back the quotes for financing, we go over them with you and help you decide on the best course of action.

– If you are prepared to accept one of the provided quotations for financing, you will need to sign the approval for financing back to the funder.

– Typically the financing company will take 1 to 3 business days to go over the application and determine what, if any outstanding conditions will need to be met prior to the equipment lease being finalized.

– When all the conditions are signed off, the formal lease documents are prepared and sent to you to be signed.

– Once the leasing company has all the executed documents, the vendor will be paid directly once you pick up your equipment or get it delivered.

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