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Laboratory Equipment Leasing


Does Your Business Need To Lease New or Used Laboratory Equipment?

Laboratory equipment for medical, educational, commercial, or industrial purposes can be financed through a variety of leasing companies.

Because laboratory equipment can have such wide applications, it is unlikely that similar leasing companies will be interested in all potential financing opportunities for this type of equipment.

For instance, a leasing company that finances educational institutions may not be prepared to provide laboratory equipment leasing for industrial type applications.

This has more to do with the credit profile of the industry within a certain region than anything else.

For instance medical asset leasing is based largely on the credit worthiness of doctors and their supporting personal guarantees to an leasing facilities and does not necessarily place much of the financing decision on the equipment to be held as security while in other industries, the resale market for the equipment would potentially be a larger consideration for leasing companies that service that market.

The point here is that while there may be a large number of leasing companies that can or will finance laboratory equipment in general, its going to be important that you are targeting leasing companies that are prepared finance the specific types of laboratory equipment your looking at in your industry and area.

Get Laboratory Equipment Leasing That Meets Your Business Needs.

One of the many benefits of an equipment leasing facility is that the lease can be structured in a number of different ways to meet the needs of the business.  This can range from cash flow management to taxation strategies.

Equipment leases are available in the form of an operating lease or a capital lease.  In both cases, the leasing company owns the asset during the lease term.  The main difference is that a capital lease requires you to purchase the asset for a nominal value at the end of the leasing term while the operating lease provides you with the right to return the asset without having any further obligations to the leasing company.

If you require laboratory equipment leasing for your business, practice, or institution, please give us a call so we can quickly assess your situation and provide lease financing options for your consideration.

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3 Shape Scanning System Lease Financing


Does Your Business Need To Lease a New or Used 3 Shape Scanning System?

Lease financing for a 3 shape scanning system, commonly used in dental laboratories, can be arranged through a number of our leasing sources here in Canada and in the U.S.

Any medical office or laboratory use of this type of asset is likely to attract very good leasing rates and terms and medical equipment and lessees carry a preferred status in the equipment leasing business.

With many types of technology equipment, it can be hard to get long leasing terms, but if you have an equipment set up in mind that has some type of automated or included updates in the software that drives the system, then this type of equipment can get financed for up to 6 years.

Even used three shape scanning system financing is possible, but the asset is going to have to be close to new and even then the leasing term you are likely able to secure will fall in the 24 month to 36 month range.

If the asset is being acquired by a dentist or doctor versus a licensed laboratory technician, the rates can even be better as doctors tend to get lower offered lease financing rates than basically anyone else, including others in the medical profession that are acquiring similar assets for similar purposes.

Get 3 Shape Scanning Equipment Leasing That Meets Your Business Needs.

With medical leasing, approvals for financing are largely based on credit and personal guarantees of the owner owners up to $50,000.

As the amount of financing required increases, more information will need to be provided to support the application such as annual business financial statements and bank statements.

In order to more effectively deal with cash flow issues and/or taxation issues,  equipment leasing can be structured into an operating or capital lease to better meet the requirements of the applicant.

This is one of the many reasons why equipment leasing can be such a good source of equipment financing for just about any type of business where equipment is required.

If you’re in need of 3 shape scanning equipment for your dental practice or lab or other medical application, please give us a call so we can quickly assess your requirements and provide relevant equipment leasing options for your immediate consideration

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Dental Equipment Leasing


Does Your Business Need To Lease New or Used Dental Equipment?

Dental equipment leasing is available through a number of our leasing partners that have part of their portfolio dedicated to medical and dental equipment. To give you a better idea of the types of dental equipment assets that are pre-approved for financing, here is a list of the more common pieces of dental equipment that get financed on a regular basis.

Dental ultrasonic scaler, conscious sedation monitoring system, dental cabinets, mobile x-ray unit, dental charting software,
dental lighting system, hand piece cleaning system, palatial trimmer, air polisher, dental waste management equipment,dental curing light, dental polishing equipment, dental operatory equipment, portable dental equipment, cart delivery system, hydraulic dental chair, oxygen resuscitation unit, dent-x 3d imaging, hydraulic dental press, amalgam removal system, teeth whitening equipment, electrosurgery equipment, air abrasion system, digital x-ray film reader, vacuum arm system, dental practice management software, dental chair, cuspidor, high speed hand piece, dental instrument washer, dental cleaning equipment, electric craver, electro polisher, low speed hand piece, ultrasonic cleaning unit, x-ray panoramic, adstra imaging software, mobile dental cabinets, precision microscope, defibrillation, dental cabinetry, needle free injector, mobile dental clinic, lubrication system, hydraulic press, nitrous oxide dispenser, pulse oximetry, sterilizer, plaster dispenser, amalgamator, dental lathe, Electric dental chair, dental lab equipment, acryliser, dental compressor, vacuum mixer, arch trimmer, dental stool, x-ray intraoral, apex locator.

If you would like to lease a dental asset that doesn’t show up on the listing above, just give us a call we’ll be able to determine very quickly if its something that can be lease financed.

Get Dental Equipment Leasing That Meets Your Business Needs.

There are several real benefits to medical equipment financing for both new and used dental equipment. The first significant benefit is leasing companies tend to offer great financing rates for this class of assets. At the same time, you need to be careful in that there can also be significant variances in the rates offered, so knowing which leasing companies best fit your requirements is key to getting the best rates. The second major benefit is the amount of leverage that is available with leases being able to cover 100% or more of the equipment cost if there are delivery and installation costs that need to be paid for as well.

For used dental equipment leasing, the rates and terms are similar to new although the leasing industry as a whole is starting to ask for larger down payments on used assets in certain scenarios.

Regardless if you are looking at new or used dental equipment, I recommend that you give us a call so we can quickly assess your requirements and either get a lease in place for you right away, or set you up with a pre-approval if you’re just starting the acquisition process.

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Lease Financing For Leasehold Improvements


Does Your Business Need Lease Financing For Leasehold Improvements?

Leasehold improvement are perhaps the only none equipment item that can be financed via an equipment leasing program. While not all businesses will qualify for this type of financing, most medical offices that operate in a leased space will.   At the same time, leaseholds are not typically financed on their own and for the most part need to be part of a larger acquisition that includes equipment.

Leasing companies will consider medical lease financing for most medical professions including pulmonology, nuclear medicine, hepatology, orthodontist, oral surgery, endocrinology, medical genetics, palliative medicine, allergology, palepathology, disaster medicine, optometric, orthotic, rehabilitation medicine, nephrology, neurology, gynecology, transplant medicine, sexual health, anesthesia, general practice, infectious diseases, kinesiology, immunology, aviation medicine, radiology, pediatrics, angiology, dermatology, chiropractic, chiropractic, military medicine, gastroenterology, andrology, podiatry, emergency medicine, sports medicine, rheumatology, cardiology, podiatrist, gerontology, serology, intensive care, oncology, psychiatry, toxicology, obstetrics, pathology, hematology, urology, dentistry

Aside from the medical field, lease financingfor leasehold improvements can be secured by hair salons, financial services, office buildings, legal practices, real estate agents, mortgage brokers, insurance agents, government services, consumer services, retail stores, business services, etc.

Basically any type of leasehold application can be considered, but the higher probability of success for securing this type of financing will always be for medical based business applications due to the strong repayment track record from lessors in this industry category.

Get An Equipment Lease That Meets Your Needs.

While there are government sponsored loan programs for this type of financing, leasing companies consider these types of capital requests on the financial strength and credit merits of each applicant only with no form of insurance or fall back security available. So it stands to reason that stronger business categories like the medical industry will more likely qualify for financing through a leasing company due to the limited value of the underlying security.

That being said, leasing companies are very competitive for this business with banks and other lenders that have somewhat of a credit scoring advantage due to the availability of government insurance.

Some of the most competitive leasing rates on the market are for medical equipment and leaseholds, providing a great source of capital for practitioners and business owners in this field to expand and growth their base of operations.

If you are considering expanding into business office space or renovating an existing leased location, where equipment and lease holds are going to need to be financed, please give us a call so we can quickly review your requirements and provide lease financing options for your consideration.

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