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Metal Fabricating Equipment Leasing

Do You Need To Lease New or Used Fabricating Equipment?

Metal fabricating equipment leasing is a very important source of capital for Canadian metail fabricators and is available through select leasing companies focused on different types of fabrication equipment.

We have direct relationships with many of these key lease suppliers and to give you a better idea of what exactly can be financed via an equipment lease for this particular industry, here is a list of the more typical asset types that are regularly financed by leasing facilities.

metal router, cold saw, pivot arm cold saw, semi-automatic cold saw, plate roller, manual cold saw, beam cambering machine, band saw, high speed cold saw, column cold saw, beam coping machine, semi-automatic band saw, water jet cutting machine,automatic band saw, ironworker, Plate roll, non ferrous cold saw, plate processing machine, press brake, angle roll, angle line, sheer, tube bender, laser cutter, angle notcher, manual magnetic drill, rebar machine, sheet roller, beam drill line, mag drill, magnetic drill, plasma punch, portable drill line, automatic magnetic drill, beveler, burning system, hand brake, punching machine, plasma cutting machine, radial arm drill, drill line.

Some of the more common manufacturers of lease financed fabrication equipment include: Hankwang, Anglemaster, Amob, Geka, Peddinghaus, Scotchman, CNC, Masteel, Marvel, Hitech USA, Durabore, Ecolina, Ocean Machinery, Baileigh, Heck, National, Hyd-mech, Jancy, Evolution, Metal Muncher.

For used fabricating equipment, commercial lease financing is also available. However, compared to brand new equipment, the effective rate of financing will be slightly higher and the lease term slightly shorter in most situations. There can also be a significant variation in the percentage of asset acquisition cost that can be leased at any given time. This will depend on the used equipment market and the strength or weakness in price for a particular type of equipment at a particular point in time.

Get An Equipment Lease That Meets Your Needs

At the same time, its also not uncommon to see fabrication equipment that can hold real value for decades allowing equipment leasing to be arranged for assets more than 20 years old in some cases.

One of the benefits of this long term asset value lies in the ability to refinance the equipment and draw on the inherent equity in the asset when the cash flow may call for it at times, which is not an uncommon occurence in the fabricating business to say the least.

For businesses that are looking to acquire new or used fabricating equipment that will need to be financed, I suggest that you get in touch with one of our equipment leasing experts so they can quickly review your requirements and provide you with equipment leasing options to consider.

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