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Dental Chair Leasing

“Dental Chair Equipment Leasing Is Available Through Our Lease Company Network”

Dental chair leasing can be secured at or over 100% financing in certain situations.

As an example, if your dental chair has transportation and installation costs, these cost can be included in the amount of financing provided, providing for more than 100% of the dental chair purchase cost in some cases.

The great thing about dental assets in general is that they are very well liked from an equipment leasing perspective and as a result there are very good rates and terms available through medical equipment leasing programs out there.

One of the many great aspects of an equipment leasing facility is that there are options to structure it in ways to best fit the financing requirements of your practice.

For instance, if you have a taxation problem where you are trying to increase write offs to reduce taxes, you may want to consider entering into a short term operating lease to accelerate the write off of your dental chair acquisition.

Or if cash flow is tight, we can arrange an operating lease with a balloon payment at the end to minimize your monthly lease cost during the term of the lease.

If you want to retain the asset at the end of the lease, we can structure the financing into a capital lease and have you pay a nominal purchase amount at the end of the lease term in order to complete a transaction between your business and the leasing company to change the asset ownership to your business name.

Dental Chair Equipment Leasing Can Be Arranged Very Quickly

In most cases, any dental chair equipment leasing request under $80,000 can be approved and funded in a matter of days.

If multiple dental chairs are required with the purchase price going above $80,000, the financing company will require some additional review that may add a day or so to the process.

Compared to a bank or institutional loan application, and equipment leasing application can be completed in very little time, allowing you to get the asset in place and in use as fast as possible.

If you require dental chair equipment leasing, or have any other dental equipment financing requirements, please give us a call and we’ll get an application started for you right away and answer any questions you may have as quickly as possible.

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