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Lawn And Garden Equipment Leasing


Does Your Business Require Lease Financing For New and Used Lawn and Garden Equipment?

Lawn and garden equipment leasing can be financed through a number of leasing companies the collectively cover off all business activity types, from start up operations to established businesses with more challenging credit profiles.

While there are too many assets types in this category to list everything that can be lease financed, here is list of some of the more common types of lawn and garden equipment that fall under various equipment leasing programs.

Lawn blower, hedge trimmer, lawn spreader, grass seeders, landscaping equipment, roto tiller, mini skid steer, garden tiller, compact tractor, snow moving equipment, leaf blower, lawn tractor, chipper, compost spreader, sand spreader, riding mower, walk behind mower, snow plow, tillage equipment, gas trimmer, brush cutter, chain saw, mini truck, mulcher, stump grinder, blower, bagging machine, top dresser, zero turn mower, sod cutter, power cutter, electric trimmer, garden tractor, Lawn mower, lawn aerator, hydro mulcher, trimmer, dump cart, dump cart, shredder, edger, tiller, snow blower

While the lowest lease financing amount that a lease company will consider is $1,500, multiple items of smaller value can be combined into one or more leases. It also not uncommon that for relatively new businesses, that amounts can be broken down and placed into two or more leases of under $25,000, which is the break off point many leasing companies have for smaller businesses that are only a couple years in business.

This still allows both smaller and newer lawn and garden businesses to acquire significant amounts of leasing capital for their business by collectively leveraging similar leasing companies that work with what we refer to as small ticket items.

Get An Equipment Lease That Meets Your Needs.

For used lawn equipment and used garden equipment, commercial equipment lease financing is still available, but the rates and terms will vary with the type of asset and the view to its remaining useful life. Typically, most used equipment financing commitments fall in the 3 to 4 year range.

If you’re just starting the process of looking for land and garden equipment that you want to acquire for your business, give us a call so we can get you a pre-approval for equipment leasing. That way, you will know exactly how much money you have to work with and the related repayment requirements before you start shopping around for the best values. This tends to allow business owners to become more focused on their equipment research, and when a desired item is located, the business owner can also bid or offer more aggressively knowing that the financing is going to be readily available.

And if you have already had an equipment purchase offer or bid accepted, we can typically get financing arranged in a day or so, depending on the amount of funding you require and the relative complexity of the transaction.

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Mining Equipment Leasing

Do You Need To Lease New or Used Mining Equipment?

Mining equipment lease financing is available in Canada from select leasing companies for the following types of new and used mining equipment:

Dozer, bulldozer, grader, excavator, haul truck, loader, rotary drill, scraper, shovel, hoist, bogger, scooptram, slushier, underground drill, underground truck, utility vehicle, conveyor, crusher, cyclone, mill process feeder, mill process screener, mill process filter, mill process thickener, mill process flotation, grinding mill, smelting equipment, smelting furnace, smelting ladle, scrap metal smelting equipment, transfer car, mobile crane, stick cylinder, bucket cylinder, boom cylinder, blade lift cylinder, blade tip cylinder, swing motor.

This is not meant to be an exhaustive list but something to give you an idea of the types of mining related equipment that can be lease financed. If you have an item that you’re interested in acquiring that’s not listed, please give us a call and we will quickly be able to determine if that particular asset can be financed.

Equipment lease financing has the advantage of providing higher levels of leverage than most conventional loan programs. For used equipment, the keys to rates, leverage, and repayment terms will be the condition of the asset or assets, and the strength of the resale market for similar units.

Most mining equipment commercial leases are written up as a capital lease which provides better interest rates than an operating lease.

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Asset purchases can be financed through a sale and lease back process up to 6 months after a cash transaction was completed, provided that there is a paper trail verifying the amount of money originally paid to acquire the equipment.

Assets under $25,000 are typically approved within 24 hours of a lease application submission. Amounts between $25,000 and $150,000 tend to get reviewed and approved in two to three business days with larger requests taking up to five business days for completion of a lease company review of the asset and the financing profile of the borrower.

Larger used mining equipment will require third party appraisals to confirm their value before a financing decision will be made.

If you have a mining equipment requirement for your Canadian based business, please give us a call so that we can quickly assess your requirements and come up with relevant options for you to consider.

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Exercise Equipment Leasing

Do You Need To Lease New or Used Exercise Equipment?

Exercise equipment leasing is available to Canadian based and owned fitness centers, spas, and rehabilitation clinics. Here is a list of the more common types of exercise equipment that are pre-approved for financing.

Exercise bikes, recumbent bike, upright bike, eliptical, rower, treadmill, free weights, bars, bench attachments, dumbell, storage rack, functional trainer, home gym, home gym addon, dip station, calf machine seated, chin dip station, leg extension bench, leg curl bench, chin dip station, leg raise station, lat machine, abdominal crunch board, hyper extension bench, sit up bench, hyper extension bench, super squat stands, lat attachment for power rack, power rack, smith machine, exercise mat, treadmill, bowlfex, nautilus, nordic track, weider, ab machine, cardio equipment, compact gym, free weight.

If you have an item of exercise equipment that isn’t listed here, just give us a call and we’ll quickly determine if its eligible for financing.

Get Equipment Leasing That Meets Your Business Needs.

Keep in mind that lease financing starts at an item amount of $1,500, but multiple items can be financed within a single lease, which is quite typical with fitness centers that, on average, make multiple item purchases when they go to acquire new or used exercise equipment.

If you’re just starting your equipment acquisition process, give us a call right away and apply for a pre-approval for the amount of commercial financing you’d like to secure and the specific types of exercise equipment you’re after and whether the items are going to be new or used. With an approval in hand, you’ll know exactly how much capital you have available to you which will allow you to be more efficient with the purchasing process.

But if you’ve already got an accepted offer or bid for equipment and now require equipment leasing to close the deal, we can get an approval in as little as a couple of hours for amounts under $25,000 and within 24 hours for larger amounts.

Regardless of where you’re at in the purchase process, give us a call so we can quickly assess your options and provide relevant options for your consideration.

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Automotive Equipment Leasing

Do You Need To Lease New or Used Automotive Equipment?

Automotive Equipment Leasing is readily available from a number of Canadian based leasing companies we work with. Here is a list of just some of the types and makes of automotive repair equipment that are already pre-approved for equipment lease financing.

Brake lathe, tire changer, wheel balancer, ac recovery, battery charger, 2 post lift, 4 post lift, rack, alignment lift, scissor lift, scissor alignment lift, motorcycle lift, parking lift, hobby lift, mid rise lift, low rise pad, single arm tire changer, dual arm tire changer, low profile tire changer, tire balancer, wheeler aligner, automotive lift, frame machine, tire machine, fluid changer, pipe bender, spray washer, spray wash cabinet, waste oil heater, waste oil boiler, nitrogen tire filling equipment, frame rack, tire repair machine, garage equipment.

Accu Turn, All Tool, Associated, Cemb, Coats, Corghi, FMC, Hofmann, Hunter, Kwik Way, Precision, Rels, RTI, Complete Hydraulic Hoist, Bradbury, Hydra Lift, Bisherman, Rotary, Globe, Daytona, Gemini.

Both new and used auto equipment can be lease financed. Even though newer equipment will command better rates and repayment terms, used equipment lease financing is still an excellent way to acquire pre owned assets that still possess a significant amount of useful life.

Get an Equipment Lease That Meets Your Business Needs

In order to lease used automotive equipment, the leasing company has to be able to buy it from a vendor and be able to receive a clear title for the equipment in the process. A vendor can either be an equipment dealer that is licensed and bonded to sell used equipment or it can be a private individual or company.

For private vendors, there is a bit more work involved as we will have to do a background check on the asset to make sure nothing is registered against it, and if there were any prior registrations which are pretty common with a private sale, signed waivers are obtained from the listed company to verify that nothing further is owing on the asset.

A private sale can be an excellent way to get a great deal on auto repair equipment and we’ll take care of the extra paper work involved for you.

Regardless if you’re considering leasing new or used automotive repair equipment, give us a call and we’ll quickly go over your situation and requirements and provide you with the best available lease financing options for your consideration.

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