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Car Lift Leasing

“Car Lift Leasing For New And Used Lifts And Hoists”

Car lift leasing is available on a wide variety and styles of lifts and hoists, both new and used.

For equipment leasing requests under $50,000, the application process typically requires an application form, vendor invoice that outlines the assets to be acquired and the terms of sale, and proof of business registration.

The approval process for smaller requests is typically completed in 24 to 48 hours with funding to follow immediately after.

For larger commercial leasing requests, the leasing company will also require the last completed annual financial statements for the business and an interim financial statement for the current year.

If the business is a start up, then there will have to be a strong guarantor provided who must possess good credit, strong net worth, and an annual cash flow to service debt in the event of lease default.

Companies that are three or more years in business and have good cash flow from operations will be able to secure optimal rates and terms for leasing companies that finance car lifts and hoists.

In terms of credit score, “A” credit will typically require the applicant(s) to have credit scores of 650 or higher.

Lower credit scores can push the deal down into “B” and “C” lending categories.

Car Lift Leasing Facilities Can Include
Multiple Assets

If you are looking at acquiring several car lifts for your business, it is certainly possible to have multiple assets financed through the same leasing agreement.

That being said, it is also possible to have individual assets set up on their own individual lease as well.

For instance, in cases where there are multiple locations, it may be preferred that each location maintain their own balance sheet and operating account, so having equipment leases for location specific equipment is certainly something that can be arranged.

Multiple leases can be also be useful to get the amount of financing that you require.

Leasing companies at times will cap the amount of funding they want to provide a business, but they are not apposed to the business having more total funding than what they are prepared to provide, so it can make sense to split up your car lift leasing requirements among more than one leasing company to maximize the amount of financing and save on cash.

To determine what the best approach is for car lift or car hoist leasing for your business, please give us a call and speak to one of our equipment leasing specialist.

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Salon Equipment Leasing

“Salon Equipment Leasing Is Available On A Wide Range Of Salon Assets”

Regardless of the type of health and beauty salon you own or operate, there are likely going to be sale equipment leasing solutions available to you.

Our network of equipment leasing companies cover a wide range of salon assets and financial and credit profiles, potentially providing a number of different financing options for any given scenario.

And with some salon equipment carrying high price tags, equipment leasing is an excellent way to reduce the amount of cash outlay you require to get a certain piece of equipment, or lot of equipment, into your salon and generating money.

For salons that are less than two years in business, there is going to be a greater reliance on the business owner’s personal net worth and credit due to the fact that these aspects in the business will still be immature and hard to make financing decisions on.

For beauty and health salons that are over two years in business with established cash flow that can be verified through accounting statements, there can be considerable borrowing power available for both new and used salon equipment.

Commercial leasing options are going to be focused in on the market value of the asset and its marketability, as well as the business owners credit and cash flow.

Even with marginal cash flow, financing can still be available at good rates and terms if the assets to be acquired are known to hold their value and have a strong resale market.

Salon Equipment Leasing Can Be Structured To Reduce The Impact On Business Cash Flow.

With salon equipment leasing, you can potentially secure close to 100% financing and in some cases in excess of 100% of the asset acquisition cost when costs like delivery, installation and training are added into the lease financing facility.

This has the direct impact of reducing the drain on your cash flow by only requiring you to put down one or two payments in advance.

Used equipment can require larger down payments, but the amount of leverage that can still be secured is considerable, allowing salons to get profit producing assets in their shops and generating a positive return.

On a monthly debt serving basis, you could look to enter into an operating lease where an end of term balloon payment of 10% or greater could be arranged to further reduce the amount of capital outlay each and every month.

On the other hand, if there is considerable cash on hand, a lease can also be structured to accelerate the write down of an asset, providing potential tax advantages as well.  We would ask you to check with your accountant to assure any potential tax saving strategies via equipment leasing make sense for your business.

For more information on salon equipment leasing options, give us a call and we’ll make sure you get all your questions answered right away.

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Snow Moving Equipment Leasing

“Snow Moving Equipment Leasing Can Be Made Available Quickly “

Snow moving equipment leasing requests tend to come most frequently around the time of the first snow fall when all of a sudden there is a need to either upgrade existing equipment that will not make it through another year, or expand the business into snow removal either for internal purposes or for customers.

When the request for snow moving equipment lease financing is coming from an existing business of three or more years in operation and the amount of leasing is under $75,000, an approval for financing can be obtained in as little as 24 hours providing the credit rating and financial supporting information are sufficient to support the commercial equipment leasing decision.

For existing businesses and even start ups, when the financing amount is no greater than $25,000, a lease financing approval can be secured in an even faster time frame with funding to follow shortly after.

The key to getting snow moving asset financing in place quickly is going to start with lining up the equipment through a licensed dealer and getting an equipment quote, estimate, or invoice from them outlining exactly what you want to acquire and terms and conditions of sale.

With a dealer invoice, quote, or estimate and a signed application, an equipment leasing company can make a quick assessment of 1) the equipment you want to acquire, 2) the dealer you want to work with, and 3) you credit rating and financial profile.

New or used equipment can both be financed via an equipment lease.

But deal speed will be the fastest if you are working through a licensed dealer.

A private sale can also be financed, but the leasing process will take longer as the equipment will have to be researched to make sure there are no outstanding liens registered against it and that a clean title can be provided to the leasing company that will be purchasing the asset on your behalf.

Snow Moving Equipment Leasing Can Be Obtained At Very High Leverage.

For businesses with solid credit and financial profiles, snow moving equipment lease approvals can be obtained for one or two scheduled lease payments in advance allowing you to obtain near 100% financing for the assets you are trying to secure.

With used equipment, there can be more of a down payment required, but in many cases, you can still get 85% of the acquisition cost financed or better.

And because you are not the one purchasing the asset, the equipment leasing company is responsible for the sales tax at the time of purchase, providing an additional short term cash saving to you.

If you are planning ahead, or need snow moving equipment leasing right now, I suggest that you give us a call so we can quickly assess your situation and provide equipment leasing options and quotations for your immediate consideration.


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Millwork Shop Equipment Leasing

“Millwork Shop Equipment Leasing For New And Used Items”

Millwork shop equipment can be financed through our equipment leasing sources for new and used equipment, either for purchase or refinancing.

Strong brand names and higher end equipment units are going to have a greater interest among leasing companies due to the probability of longer useful life and solid asset durability.

This is always important to commercial leasing sources as their primary security is in the assets themselves.

This is especially true for used equipment in that the better condition the equipment is in and higher the market holds the asset in regard in terms of holding the resale value, the better rates and terms you can expect to secure.

Millwood shop equipment leasing arrangements are available in the form of both capital leases and operating leases.

An operating lease would provide you with an option to purchase the asset as the end of the lease term and could potentially be structured to maximize your tax savings and cash flow requirements as well.

Capital leases require you to purchase the asset for a nominal fee at the end of the lease term and the repayment schedule closely resembles an amortized loan payment of principal and interest.

Millwork Shop Equipment Leasing Can Be Arranged Quickly

For amounts under $100,000, millwork shop equipment leasing can be arranged in one or two business days.

As the amount of financing increases for both a new or used purchase transaction, the amount of time to get the financing approved and in place will increase slightly as the leasing companies will require more levels of review and sign off.

Used millwork equipment leasing can be arranged as quickly as new in most cases, except where the assets are being purchased from a private seller, in which case time needs to be allowed for the financing company to complete a search and waver process to make sure a clear title is available to the buyer.

If you are in need of millwork shop equipment leasing, or have any questions with regard to this type of equipment financing, please give us a call and we’ll quickly get all your questions answered and provide any rate and term information you may require.


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Snow Plowing Equipment Leasing


Does Your Business Need To lease Finance a New or Used Snow Plow?

Snow plow leasing can be requested for a number of different business purposes.  From the seasonal snow plowing contractor to the business owner requiring snow plowing equipment for their own use, there are a number of leasing companies that are prepared to consider applications for financing this type of asset.

With respect to contractors doing seasonal work, one of the basic requirements of snow plow equipment financing is that you have a registered business or corporation as the leasing companies we work with will only provide lease financing to existing businesses.

Start up business situations primarily focused on snow plowing can also be financed, but will require strong credit, and a higher down payment.

Used snow plows of different sizes and types can also be financed via a commercial asset leasing program. Used equipment can even be purchased directly from a private seller instead of a vendor in some cases.  There is a slightly longer administration process with an application that involves purchasing a used piece of snow plowing equipment from a private seller, so you will need to allow for a bit more time to get financing approved and in place.  We will handle the extra steps required to verify clear title for a private transaction and guide you through the process.

Get Snow Plowing Equipment Leasing That Meets Your Business Needs

Because there is such a wide range of snow plowing equipment with some significant differences in cost, there will be different  equipment leasing companies prepared to fund different transactions.

In order to make the application process as efficient as possible and get you working with the right leasing company as soon as possible, we go through a quick assessment process with you over the phone to get a solid understanding of exactly what you’re trying to get financed as well as your financial and credit profile.

Armed with the basics right at the start, we are in a  much better position to zero in on the most relevant leasing sources that are most likely to fit your requirements and also accept your financing profile.

If you need snow plow leasing right away or are just in the midst of the acquisition process, give us a call so we can go over your requirements together and provide relevant options for your immediate consideration.

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