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Toronto Vendor Financing Programs

“We Set Up And Administer Toronto Vendor Financing Programs For Equipment Dealers And Resellers”

Toronto vendor equipment financing programs are an essential part of the sales process for any equipment dealer or reseller.

By having a ready source of equipment financing and equipment leasing available to the customer, the equipment dealer or reseller is increasing their ability to close the sale as quickly as possible.

Any delays in this process can put the deal at risk as the customer may move to another dealer that has better access to the equipment financing they require.

The good news is that a Toronto dealer financing program for equipment can be set up fairly quickly through our network of equipment financing and leasing companies.

Our goal is to quickly assess the requirements of both your sales process as well as the average credit profile of your customers so that a program can be put into place that will help close sales.

Our approach is to provide third party services to administer the financing application and funding process.

This allows us to micro manage the specifics of each and every application that is put forward by your customer, increasing the chances of getting an approval in the process by making sure the information is properly packaged, and that the right financing companies are looking at the deal.

There is no value in having a customer make an application to an equipment financing or equipment leasing company that is not going to be able to help them.  Not only is valuable time wasted as a result, but your credibility as a dealer as well.

Vendor Equipment Financing Programs Can Both Make And Lose You Money

If you currently have a vendor financing program in place, is it giving you the results you’re looking for such as high approval rates and fast turnaround times?

Or is it costing your sales or putting sales at risk through less than adequate customer service and a low level of approvals?

The best way to determine whether or not your current Toronto vendor financing program can be improved is to allow us to conduct an audit of your program which would allow you to receive third party feedback and recommendations for improvement.

While many vendor financing programs do provide value to your business and your customers, they can also be improved upon in a number of different ways.

A significant level of potential improvement can increase sales and bottom line profits so its essential to know that the financing options being provided to your customers are the best available for your business, equipment inventory, industry, and customer requirements.

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