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3 Shape Scanning System Lease Financing

Does Your Business Need To Lease a New or Used 3 Shape Scanning System?

Lease financing for a 3 shape scanning system, commonly used in dental laboratories, can be arranged through a number of our leasing sources here in Canada and in the U.S.

Any medical office or laboratory use of this type of asset is likely to attract very good leasing rates and terms and medical equipment and lessees carry a preferred status in the equipment leasing business.

With many types of technology equipment, it can be hard to get long leasing terms, but if you have an equipment set up in mind that has some type of automated or included updates in the software that drives the system, then this type of equipment can get financed for up to 6 years.

Even used three shape scanning system financing is possible, but the asset is going to have to be close to new and even then the leasing term you are likely able to secure will fall in the 24 month to 36 month range.

If the asset is being acquired by a dentist or doctor versus a licensed laboratory technician, the rates can even be better as doctors tend to get lower offered lease financing rates than basically anyone else, including others in the medical profession that are acquiring similar assets for similar purposes.

Get 3 Shape Scanning Equipment Leasing That Meets Your Business Needs.

With medical leasing, approvals for financing are largely based on credit and personal guarantees of the owner owners up to $50,000.

As the amount of financing required increases, more information will need to be provided to support the application such as annual business financial statements and bank statements.

In order to more effectively deal with cash flow issues and/or taxation issues,  equipment leasing can be structured into an operating or capital lease to better meet the requirements of the applicant.

This is one of the many reasons why equipment leasing can be such a good source of equipment financing for just about any type of business where equipment is required.

If you’re in need of 3 shape scanning equipment for your dental practice or lab or other medical application, please give us a call so we can quickly assess your requirements and provide relevant equipment leasing options for your immediate consideration

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