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Scissor Lift Leasing

Does Your Business Need To lease Finance New or Used Scissor Lift Equipment?

Scissor lift equipment leasing can be arranged through a number of leasing companies in Canada and the U.S.

Both new and used scissor lift equipment can typically be leased for potentially good rates and terms. As is the key with lease financing any used equipment, the actual age, condition, and remaining useful life of the asset.  Scissor lift equipment in particular can have a considerably long useful life which makes lease financing more attractive to leasing companies due to the lower risk of loss on the asset in the event it needs to be liquidated before the end of the leasing term.

With new scissor lifts, there can be some very attractive financing options from manufacturers that may not be able to be replicated or bettered in the rest of the market.  Just be sure that you’re not paying any type of premium or higher purchase price over a cash transaction in order to secure the cheaper source of manufacturer’s financing.

Get Scissor Lift  Leasing That Meets Your Business Needs

One of the key benefits of going with a building equipment leasing program is that you will likely have a number of ways to tailor the lease to fit the requirements of your business where a loan commitment is more of a take it or leave it proposition.

For example, a lease can be in the form of a capital lease or an operating lease.  With an operating lease, you may be able to defer 30% to 40% of the asset purchase price to the end of the lease term, saving on your cash flow in the short term.

If your operation is very taxable and you have the cash to purchase the asset out right, you might look at acquiring the scissor lift equipment you’re looking at through a short term operating lease to accelerate the write off of the asset.

There are many other examples we could sight of things to consider when financing via an equipment leasing facility.  If you have any questions about different ways a lease could be structured for your business, please give us a call so we can review your requirements and provide equipment leasing options for your immediate consideration

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