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Vendor Equipment Leasing Solutions

We Provide Vendor Equipment Leasing Solutions For Your Customers

Vendor equipment leasing solutions or vendor lease financing programs as they are also referred to are designed to be provide readily available equipment leasing options to your customers when they are ready to complete a transaction with you that requires them to acquire some amount of financing.

The customer still needs to qualify for credit based on their own business and personal credit and financial profiles, but the odds will be considerably improved with a properly qualified vendor financing program that involves leasing companies that are interested in financing the equipment you are selling as well as the financial and credit profile of your average customer that is seeking credit to complete a transaction.

The key is spending the time to match up your customer credit requirements with leasing companies that are going to be able to help them, and help them quickly so the sale is not put at risk by an application and approval process that is too long.

When you get this right, it should lead to more sales, more profits, and more happy customers due to the high level of service you have been able to provide them above and beyond the basic product purchase.

Can Any Business Get A Vendor Equipment Leasing Program In Place?

The short answer is yes, although it can be more challenging for a new dealer or reseller that is selling a new or specialized item.

One of the main reasons for setting up a vendor financing program is so that targeted leasing companies can become comfortable with both your company and your products prior to receiving any potential lease financing requests from your customers.

Leasing companies typically will do a back ground check on an equipment dealer that would like to set up a vendor equipment leasing program so that they are comfortable that you will be able to provide the level of service and support required to deal with customer issues or problems as they occur related to their equipment purchase.

This is harder to establish with new companies, especially before they have some type of sales volume under their belt and industry credit relationships established.

This part of the setting up a proper vendor program is very important as getting customer financing is not just about the customer.  The leasing company also wants to know that all after sales issues will be dealt with properly so that all potential headaches related to the equipment can be minimized or eliminated all together.

Leasing companies will not be interested in providing financing to your customers if they can’t get comfortable with the way you do business and your level of financial stability.

This also why its important to work with an equipment leasing specialist who can help facilitate the review process with targeted leasing companies so that a vendor program can be set up and put into practice as soon as possible.

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