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Packaging Equipment Leasing

Does Your Business Need to Lease  New or Used Packaging Equipment?

Packing Equipment Leasing is available on a wide variety of packaging related assets from a number of equipment leasing sources that collectively cover off all levels of credit and time in business.

To give you a better idea of the types of assets we are referring to, here is a list of the more common packaging equipment assets that are financed via equipment lease on a regular basis.

Baggers,  marking equipment,  steam tunnel, washer, wicketted bagging and sealing system, automatic baler, automatic cash packer, inspection systems, sealer, material handling equipment, labeling machines, semi-automatic case packer, linear scale, Bag Insertion System, capping machines, case-erector, vacuum packaging, shrink wrap equipment, sleeving machine, rinser, coding equipment, gravity scale, filling machines, induction sealer, combination weigher, volumetric filler, conveyor, turntable, piston fillers, servo auger filler, gummed tape dispenser, hot air sealer, baggers, case sealer, shrink tunnel, unscrambler.Used packaging equipment can be leased financed, provided that the remaining perceived useful life of the asset is longer than any lease term that would be issued.  Many leasing companies will even associate age ranges for used manufacturing equipment to determine what they will consider for financing.  Typically, the older the asset, the shorter the available lease term and the higher the leasing rate.

That being said, if you have an opportunity to get a great deal on a used piece of equipment in good condition, even slightly higher leasing rates can still make the acquisition economically beneficial is the purchase price is right.

Get Packing Equipment Leasing  That Meets Your Business Needs

For new or used packaging equipment purchases, the best first step with respect to financing is to apply for a pre-approved lease to get the financing in order prior to conducting your research and shopping.  A pre-approval will be based on certain asset types and age so as long as you stay withing what has been put forward with your application, the financing will be available for the asset you select.  Any significant deviation from the pre-approval in terms of asset age and financing amount may require further qualifying by the leasing company.

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