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Millwork Shop Equipment Leasing

“Millwork Shop Equipment Leasing For New And Used Items”

Millwork shop equipment can be financed through our equipment leasing sources for new and used equipment, either for purchase or refinancing.

Strong brand names and higher end equipment units are going to have a greater interest among leasing companies due to the probability of longer useful life and solid asset durability.

This is always important to commercial leasing sources as their primary security is in the assets themselves.

This is especially true for used equipment in that the better condition the equipment is in and higher the market holds the asset in regard in terms of holding the resale value, the better rates and terms you can expect to secure.

Millwood shop equipment leasing arrangements are available in the form of both capital leases and operating leases.

An operating lease would provide you with an option to purchase the asset as the end of the lease term and could potentially be structured to maximize your tax savings and cash flow requirements as well.

Capital leases require you to purchase the asset for a nominal fee at the end of the lease term and the repayment schedule closely resembles an amortized loan payment of principal and interest.

Millwork Shop Equipment Leasing Can Be Arranged Quickly

For amounts under $100,000, millwork shop equipment leasing can be arranged in one or two business days.

As the amount of financing increases for both a new or used purchase transaction, the amount of time to get the financing approved and in place will increase slightly as the leasing companies will require more levels of review and sign off.

Used millwork equipment leasing can be arranged as quickly as new in most cases, except where the assets are being purchased from a private seller, in which case time needs to be allowed for the financing company to complete a search and waver process to make sure a clear title is available to the buyer.

If you are in need of millwork shop equipment leasing, or have any questions with regard to this type of equipment financing, please give us a call and we’ll quickly get all your questions answered and provide any rate and term information you may require.

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