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Spa Equipment Leasing

Does Your Business Need To lease Finance New or Used Spa Equipment?

Spa equipment leasing can be arranged from a number of different leasing companies providing commercial financing for Spa equipment assets such as pedicure chairs, beauty salon equipment, facial table, shampoo chair, facial machine, shampoo chair, therapeutic system, styling chair, styling station, dryer, mirror, tanning bed, and so on.

For any items you may be interested in acquiring through an equipment leasing program, please give us a call so we can quickly qualify the asset with our leasing sources.

Both new and used spa equipment can be financed via an equipment lease.  New equipment can be financed at or near 100% of their acquisition cost plus the cost of delivery and installation.  For used spa equipment leasing, the age of the asset will be important as well as its condition and estimated remaining useful life in determining the amount of leasing that can be provided and the length of time for repayment.

For the most part, used spa equipment will require more money down than used and will have a shorter amortization or repayment period to work with.

Get Spa Equipment Leasing That Meets Your Business Needs

Because of the potential for a larger number of smaller items to be acquired at the same time, especially in situations of start up or expansion, its not uncommon for several items to be included in one equipment lease.

That being said, it can also be easier to get everything approved for equipment financing by spreading the financing requirement for several pieces of equipment over more than one lease.  This reduces the risk for each leasing company and can be an easier way to leverage great credit of an existing spa operation versus trying to find one leasing company that will finance all the assets you’re looking for.

Even if you have already purchased spa assets for cash, we can still look at doing a sale and lease back transaction with a leasing company up to 6 months after the time of purchase.  This will get the cash outlay put back into your cash flow allowing more funds to be available for operations or expansion of the business.

If you have any questions regarding equipment leasing for any type of new or used spa equipment, please give us a call and we’ll do our best to get all your questions answered

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