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Dental X Ray Equipment Leasing

“Dental X Ray Equipment Leasing Can Finance More Than Equipment”

Dental X Ray equipment leasing is very popular these days as dentists are going through the process of swapping out their old film or analog technology in favor of digital technology which basically does away with film, film development chemicals, and all the storage challenges that exist with traditional X Ray technology.

But to install a completely new digital x ray system, a busy dental practice is going to have to remove what they already have, install the new equipment, and train the staff.

In many cases, most dentists select an equipment provider with an integrated offering that will provide all related services including ongoing maintenance moving forward.

Because all of the related costs such as shipping, installation, and training are included in the buying invoice for a specific dental clinic, its highly likely that all costs can be financed within an equipment lease.

Most equipment leasing companies are very interested in funding dentists in the first place due to the strength of their average financial and credit profiles.

So when a medical based leasing facility has the ability to add further cost to a lease, most leasing company will not have a problem working that into the lease, provided that the dentist or dentist office qualifies for the amount of financing required.

Dental X Ray Equipment Leasing Can Be Put Into Place Quickly.

The other realities of the dental x ray equipment is that the vendor or seller market for equipment is highly competitive.

And just because a customer has been using the same vendor for years on the film side is no guarantee that they will be retained to provide a digital solution.

So when a vendor gets the opportunity to present a dental x ray equipment deal to a dentist that is willing to accept, subject to the approval of their financing, its critical for the vendor or seller that a dental x ray equipment leasing solution can be arranged and put into place in a matter of days.

If the lease financing process drags on, the risk of deal loss to a competitor goes up dramatically.

So if you are a reseller of dental x ray equipment is very important that you have a pre existing relationship with a equipment leasing company or equipment leasing broker who can provide fast service to your customer once they are introduced to them.

And when we are saying the financing needs to be in place quickly, any deal of $100,000 or less, should be approved in 24 to 48 hours, with the closing process soon after.

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