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Lease Financing For Leasehold Improvements

Does Your Business Need Lease Financing For Leasehold Improvements?

Leasehold improvement are perhaps the only none equipment item that can be financed via an equipment leasing program. While not all businesses will qualify for this type of financing, most medical offices that operate in a leased space will.   At the same time, leaseholds are not typically financed on their own and for the most part need to be part of a larger acquisition that includes equipment.

Leasing companies will consider medical lease financing for most medical professions including pulmonology, nuclear medicine, hepatology, orthodontist, oral surgery, endocrinology, medical genetics, palliative medicine, allergology, palepathology, disaster medicine, optometric, orthotic, rehabilitation medicine, nephrology, neurology, gynecology, transplant medicine, sexual health, anesthesia, general practice, infectious diseases, kinesiology, immunology, aviation medicine, radiology, pediatrics, angiology, dermatology, chiropractic, chiropractic, military medicine, gastroenterology, andrology, podiatry, emergency medicine, sports medicine, rheumatology, cardiology, podiatrist, gerontology, serology, intensive care, oncology, psychiatry, toxicology, obstetrics, pathology, hematology, urology, dentistry

Aside from the medical field, lease financingfor leasehold improvements can be secured by hair salons, financial services, office buildings, legal practices, real estate agents, mortgage brokers, insurance agents, government services, consumer services, retail stores, business services, etc.

Basically any type of leasehold application can be considered, but the higher probability of success for securing this type of financing will always be for medical based business applications due to the strong repayment track record from lessors in this industry category.

Get An Equipment Lease That Meets Your Needs.

While there are government sponsored loan programs for this type of financing, leasing companies consider these types of capital requests on the financial strength and credit merits of each applicant only with no form of insurance or fall back security available. So it stands to reason that stronger business categories like the medical industry will more likely qualify for financing through a leasing company due to the limited value of the underlying security.

That being said, leasing companies are very competitive for this business with banks and other lenders that have somewhat of a credit scoring advantage due to the availability of government insurance.

Some of the most competitive leasing rates on the market are for medical equipment and leaseholds, providing a great source of capital for practitioners and business owners in this field to expand and growth their base of operations.

If you are considering expanding into business office space or renovating an existing leased location, where equipment and lease holds are going to need to be financed, please give us a call so we can quickly review your requirements and provide lease financing options for your consideration.

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