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Welding Equipment Leasing

Do You Need To Secure an Equipment Lease For New or Used Welding Equipment?

Welding equipment leasing and financing for equipment acquisition and refinance is available from a number of sources for your Canadian based business.

There are too many types of welding related equipment that are pre-approved for financing by Canadian leasing companies to be listed on one page, so here are some of the more common items that are leased financed on a regular basis across Canada,

Plasma cutter, turning roll, powered rigging roller, multi directional rigging roller, industrial positioner, manipulator, automated gear tilt positioner, fume extraction hood, benchtop positioner, multi operator welder, welding pipe stand, induction heating equipment, hard surface positioner, tank turning roller, arc welder, welding work station, welding work station, high speed welding turntable, Parweld Mig & Tig, multi purpose welder, stick welder, submerged arch, beam clamp rigging roller, low profile welding turntable, cable reel roller, Thermacut Plasma, spot welder, mig welder, welding machine, pipe turning positioner, pipeline equipment, manual welding positioner, smaw, arc welding equipment, vessel turning roll, welding positioner, gmaw, tig welder, engine driven welder, gas welder, wire feeder, Welder, gtaw, pipe roller.

If you look through this list and find that the particular welding equipment asset you’re looking at acquiring is not shown, please give us a call so we can tell you if it is pre-qualified for funding with our leasing partners.

Get An Equipment Lease That Meets Your Needs.

Lease financing for used equipment can provide similar financing rates as new, but may require a shorter repayment period depending on the age of the asset and the estimated remaining useful life. For welding equipment, this may not even be an issue as many types of assets in this category have a very long useful life allowing used equipment to be lease financed longer than other types of used equipment.

For new or used welding equipment that requires equipment financing, the best first step is to apply for a pre-approval if possible to get the financing process out of the way and to provide you with a clear picture of what you can qualify for and how the repayment will impact your cash flow.

If you have an equipment leasing requirement, please give us a call so we can go through your situation quickly and provide relevant welding equipment leasing options for your consideration.

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