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Racking Equipment Leasing

Does Your Business Need To lease Finance New or Used Racking Equipment?

Racking equipment leasing can be secured for a wide variety of racking equipment and capital amounts from warehouse equipment lease financing sources.

When we talk about racking equipment, I’m referring to any type of racking or shelving equipment that is used to hold and store product in a commercial warehouse facility.

For small amounts of racking equipment that’s under $25,000, approvals for financing can be secured in a matter of hours.  For larger capital requirements, the application process and approval process is going to be more involved due to the risk associated with larger lease amounts.

The more standardized the racking equipment being acquired, the easier financing will be to secure and the better the rates and terms are going to be as standardized equipment has a more established resale market.

Get Racking Equipment Leasing That Meets Your Business Needs

Customized racking and storage equipment can also be financed via an equipment leasing facility.  Its just that the amount of financing available versus the total cost will likely be lower with the uniqueness of the racking or storage equipment.

For those those just starting the acquisition process, I suggest that you consider getting pre-qualified for lease financing for the type and amount of racking equipment you’re looking for.  This gets the financing process taken care of right away and allows you to concentrate on the buying process while knowing exactly how much money you have to work with and the terms of repayment.

If you have an accepted bid or quote and need financing right away, give us a call so that we can qualify your requirements as fast as possible, provide you with leasing financing options to consider, and help you to put together a financing application package that will increase your chances of not only getting approved, but also securing the best rates and terms available through the targeted lending source.

Depending on your taxation and cash flow goals, we can also discuss whether an operating lease or capital lease will be more appropriate for your business requirements and from there you can review our recommendations with your accountant or taxation adviser.


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