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Livestock Equipment Leasing

Do You Need To Lease Livestock Equipment?

Livestock equipment leasing covers everything from corrals to feeding and watering systems.

Here is just a small list of some of the more common livestock equipment items that get lease financed on a regular basis by Canadian Leasing Companies.

Livestock handling equipment, Beef cattle handling equipment, dairy cattle handling equipment, bison handling equipment, swine handling equipment, poultry handling equipment, Squeeze chute, shoulder holder, maternity pen, loading chute, portable handling system, Texas shed, cattle feeder, double header calf table, calving trimming chute, calving enclosure, panel access squeeze chute, crowding tub, palpitation cage, hydraulic squeeze chute, round pen, feeding equipment, cattle guard, waterers, livestock penning, water tank, horse stall.

We provide this abbreviated equipment listing to just to give you a
better idea of what can be leased for your livestock operation. If you have an item that doesn’t show above, then give us a call and we’ll find out right away if it will qualify under one of the equipment leasing company programs we work with.

The basic rule of leasing is that the more common the asset is in terms of new units being sold every year and the presence of a sold used equipment market, the better the rates and terms that you’re going to be able to secure.

Get an Equipment Lease That Meets Your Business Needs

For instance, most used livestock handling equipment can be financed. However, the rates and terms may not be quite as good as for brand new. But if you’re getting a good deal on used equipment, the pricing benefit will likely offset any additional cost of financing.

And for the most part, 100% financing is available for most of the more common agricultural equipment items, making lease financing an excellent source of capital that is cash flow friendly in comparison to the amounts of money you may have to put down for other forms of financing for other assets.

For smaller cost items, you can also purchase them in bulk or separately, but still combine them into the same equipment lease. If several larger items are required, we can spread the financing requirements among leasing companies to reduce their risk and increase your access to capital.

Regardless of your situation, we welcome the opportunity to try and find an livestock equipment leasing solution that fits your business requirements.

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