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Snow Moving Equipment Leasing

“Snow Moving Equipment Leasing Can Be Made Available Quickly “

Snow moving equipment leasing requests tend to come most frequently around the time of the first snow fall when all of a sudden there is a need to either upgrade existing equipment that will not make it through another year, or expand the business into snow removal either for internal purposes or for customers.

When the request for snow moving equipment lease financing is coming from an existing business of three or more years in operation and the amount of leasing is under $75,000, an approval for financing can be obtained in as little as 24 hours providing the credit rating and financial supporting information are sufficient to support the commercial equipment leasing decision.

For existing businesses and even start ups, when the financing amount is no greater than $25,000, a lease financing approval can be secured in an even faster time frame with funding to follow shortly after.

The key to getting snow moving asset financing in place quickly is going to start with lining up the equipment through a licensed dealer and getting an equipment quote, estimate, or invoice from them outlining exactly what you want to acquire and terms and conditions of sale.

With a dealer invoice, quote, or estimate and a signed application, an equipment leasing company can make a quick assessment of 1) the equipment you want to acquire, 2) the dealer you want to work with, and 3) you credit rating and financial profile.

New or used equipment can both be financed via an equipment lease.

But deal speed will be the fastest if you are working through a licensed dealer.

A private sale can also be financed, but the leasing process will take longer as the equipment will have to be researched to make sure there are no outstanding liens registered against it and that a clean title can be provided to the leasing company that will be purchasing the asset on your behalf.

Snow Moving Equipment Leasing Can Be Obtained At Very High Leverage.

For businesses with solid credit and financial profiles, snow moving equipment lease approvals can be obtained for one or two scheduled lease payments in advance allowing you to obtain near 100% financing for the assets you are trying to secure.

With used equipment, there can be more of a down payment required, but in many cases, you can still get 85% of the acquisition cost financed or better.

And because you are not the one purchasing the asset, the equipment leasing company is responsible for the sales tax at the time of purchase, providing an additional short term cash saving to you.

If you are planning ahead, or need snow moving equipment leasing right now, I suggest that you give us a call so we can quickly assess your situation and provide equipment leasing options and quotations for your immediate consideration.

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