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Forklift Leasing

Does Your Business Need to a Lease a New or Used Forklift?

Forklift Leasing is can be secured from a number of our lease company partners for both new and used forklift equipment.

This will include both ride on and walk behind units, indoor and outdoor models, gas and electric motors.

Because forklifts tend to have a long useful life, they are a very popular asset to finance by leasing companies, so very good rates and terms are available on both new and used equipment.

The reason why forklifts are so popular with financing companies is due to the strong resale market associated with this type of asset.  If a leasing company ever needed to liquidate a forklift they came into possession with, it would be a pretty straight forward process to sell it off and the amount they would potentially receive would also be quite predictable.

This greatly reduces the lending risk and allows leasing companies to provide forklift leases at great rates.

At the same time, great rates will require strong credit.  But even if you’re credit isn’t the best, there are leasing companies that will provide equipment financing to B and C credit profiles at slightly higher rates.

Get Forklift Lease Financing That Meets Your Business Needs

If you’re in the market for a new or used forklift, but haven’t started shopping around for units and pricing, we suggest that you give us a call so we can get you set up with a pre-approved lease for the type of forklift and price range you’re looking at.

With the financing out of the way, you can negotiate hard to get the best deal knowing the cash will be available to close the transaction quickly.

If you’ve got an accepted offer or bid in hand, we can quickly apply for equipment lease financing can get an approval in place in as little as a few hours, depending on the size of the deal.

And even if you’ve already purchased a new or used forklift for cash, we can arrange a sale and lease back transaction up to 6 months after the date of purchase and return all or most of your original cash payment back into your business cash flow.

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