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Muncipal Equipment Leasing

“Municipal Equipment Leasing Options For All Asset Types”

Municipal equipment leasing is available for all operating divisions of municipal government including but not limited to hospital, fire and rescue, schools, public works, public health and safety, waste management, and public administration.

As a municipal customer, you can be afforded some of the best equipment leasing rates out on the market today.

Most leasing companies consider municipalities as preferred borrowers or lessees and as a result provide excellent rates and terms for your financing requirement.

Leasing terms offered for municipal equipment leasing are some of the longest anywhere on the market and the payment options can be structured to meet just about any cash flow requirement you may have.

For small one off acquisitions under $75,000, the approval process can be accomplished in less than one day at times with funding to follow soon after.

Larger requests will take a bit longer as there will be more information required in the application package and the leasing company may have multiple levels of review depending on the amount requested.

Municipal lease financing requirements can also be accommodated in amounts under $100,000 and amounts far in excess of several million dollars as well.

Municipal Equipment Leasing Can Attract Very Competitive Financing Options.

Because we work with a large number of equipment financing and leasing companies, we have the ability to get your financing requirements in front of the right people and push towards getting you the best rates and terms in the market place.

The key to getting the best deal is providing us with some lead time to put together an effective application package and then to send it out to targeted lenders.

The more time a competitive offering has to work with, the more likely we will be able to arrange deeper lender or leasing company discounts in order to win the business.

Regardless of your municipal equipment leasing requirement, I suggest that you give us a call so we can complete an assessment of your needs and review different equipment leasing options with you and your team.

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