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Fertilizer Equipment Leasing

Do You Need A Fertilizer Equipment Lease?

Fertilizer spreader leasing as well as financing for other types of fertilizer handling and application equipment like broadcasters and banders, conveyors and tenders, for both liquid fertilizer and granular are readily attainable from our Canadian equipment leasing sources.

Most of the more common makes and models of fertilizer spreaders are pre-approved for financing with a variety of leasing companies.

Both new and used fertilizer equipment can be leased by Canadian based business owners. Used equipment financing rates and terms will vary depending on the age and condition of a particular piece of equipment.

Before bidding or making offers on used equipment, we recommend that you apply for a pre-approval so that any deal you try to make can be closed quickly and not risk falling through while financing is being arranged.

If you purchase fertilizer equipment for cash, we can also arrange a sale and lease back with a leasing company to put the funds back into your cash flow.

Get A Leasing Solution That Meets Your Business Needs

Equipment leasing starts as low as $1,500 and be arranged for amounts of up to $5,000,000. Lease financing approvals can have multiple assets on one lease, or you can also apply to have individual units on separate leases.

For larger amounts of equipment financing requirements where multiple assets are involved, it may also make sense to make applications for each piece of equipment to a separate leasing company in order to gain access to higher amounts of credit.

If you operate an agricultural, horticultural, and landscaping based businesses that requires lease financing for fertilizer spreaders or other types of fertilizer hauling, handling, and application equipment, please give us a call so that we can quickly review your requirements and provide the most relevant fertilizer equipment leasing options for your consideration.

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