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Equipment Leasing Specialist

“Equipment Leasing Specialist Providing A, B, & C Credit Solutions For New And Used Equipment

Equipment leasing solutions have become one of the main sources of capital for small and medium sized business in both Canada and the U.S.

This is because leasing covers such a broad range of asset types, potentially including such things as leasehold improvements and computer software.

And as equipment leasing specialists, we work towards providing the most relevant leasing options that are available to your business at any point in time.

The process for lease financing is fairly straightforward, but leasing success starts with making sure that you are working with the most relevant sources of financing for your particular requirements.

That’s where we come in and start off with going through an assessment of your needs with you so that we are 1) completely clear on what you’re looking for, and 2) in a position to provide the best possible advice with respect to both leasing company targets and the type of lease structure that best meets your needs.

Equipment Leasing Specialists Are More Than Brokers

By definition, an equipment leasing specialist IS a broker as our role is to introduce you to leasing companies that would be a good fit for your requirements, and then work with you to complete the financing process.

But the term broker can also be seen as someone that adds very little value to the process and is more of a gatekeeper for some leasing companies that won’t work directly with the public.

As true equipment leasing specialists, our commitment is to provide a high level of customer service that includes spending the time necessary to discuss your situation as well as different financing strategies that may be available to you.

And while we can say that the lease financing process is fairly straightforwards, there are always people involved so things can and will go wrong at times.

But not to worry.

As your representatives in the process, one of our main goals is to stay on top of the paper flow and correspondence between yourself and the leasing company so that everything can be completed as seamlessly as possible, and if any issues do come up, that they are dealt with swiftly so that funding is not delayed, and all potential approvals can be saved.

Our process starts with a phone call, so if you require equipment leasing or have some questions about the equipment lease financing process, please give us a call and we’ll make sure you get your questions answered right away.

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