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Dental Lab Equipment Leasing

Does Your Business Need To Lease New or Used Dental Lab Equipment?

Dental lab equipment leasing is an excellent source of business financing for a number of key reaons.

First, because a dental lab is considered to be part of the medical equipment industry, it is automatically going to be able to secure some great financing rates and terms as leasing companies basically trip over each other to add medical equipment leases to their portfolio.

As a result, rates for solid credit and financial performance are very good which can provide a very low cost form of capital to the dental lab owner.

Second, equipment leasing for most dental lab equipment can be secured at or near 100% of the cost to acquire the asset.  In some cases you can actually get over 100% financing as some leasing companies will add the cost of freight, installation, even training into the lease if the application is strong enough.

Third, the application turn around time, especially for amounts under $100,000, is only a couple of days on average.  Compare that to the time it takes to get an approval and then funding from a bank or institutional lender, and equipment leasing can easily become the financing solution of choice.

Because we are talking about medical equipment leasing, there is also going to be a good chance you can get solid rates and terms on used equipment as well provided its in good shape and not very old.

Get Dental Lab Equipment Leasing That Meets Your Business Needs.

Other than the potential for very good financing rates, high financing percentage, and a quick approval and funding time period, equipment leasing can also provide a  great deal of options with respect to the manner in which the lease is structured.

For instance, if cash flow is currently very tight, the lease can be structured with a balloon payment at the end of the leasing term to minimize on debt servicing requirements.

A lease can also act very much like a loan when its written up as a capital lease where the lessee intends to purchase the asset at the end of the lease term and a nominal amount is written in to the lease for the buyout of the asset from the leasing company.

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