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Conveyor Equipment Leasing

Does Your Business Need To lease Finance New or Used Conveyor Equipment?

Conveyor equipment leasing is available for most of the standardized conveyor types and designs on the market from ware house leasing companies.

As a conveyor system becomes more customized in design, it will become harder to finance unless the borrower is very strong financially as the security value of a custom unit will not be as high as a more commodity type model that is resold in the secondary or used market in larger numbers.

Used conveyors can also be lease financed through a number of companies with the rates, terms, and required deposit being dependent on the age, condition, and make of the assets.  For fairly new equipment that is in good shape, the rates and terms should be very close to new as this category of asset tends to have a very long useful life.

Get Conveyor Equipment Leasing That Meets Your Business Needs

For smaller conveyor units where the amount of financing required is less than $50,000, the credit approval process can be completed in less than a day provided that everything is order on the application.

With larger financing amounts where multiple pieces of equipment are involved, the approval process may take up to a week with funding to follow shortly after.  This is also going to be the cash with used equipment financing requests as more information tends to be reviewed in these situations.

Its also possible to have a lease approval where conveyors are being purchased from different vendors but still included on the same equipment lease facility.  This can greatly simplify the overall equipment leasing process from the buyers perspective.

With equipment lease financing there are also lease types to consider according to the cash flow and taxation requirements of the company getting the financing.

For instance an operating lease can be used to accelerate the equipment write down to save on income taxes, or be used to reduce the amount of debt service to save on cash flow.

Regardless of you requirements, the best first step is to give us a call so we can quickly assess your situation and provide relevant conveyor equipment leasing options for your immediate consideration.


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