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Computer Server Lease Financing

“Computer Server Lease Financing For Hardware, Software, And
Installation Costs”

Computer server leasing or lease financing can be arranged for different types of computer server set ups, provided that the equipment is being provided by a reputable vendor.

The vendor is important in that the equipment leasing company will be the owner of the asset during the term of the lease and will want to know that the vendor not only provides a good product, but will stand behind it and provide post sale service if required.

The financing company will want to know what the break down in the acquisition cost is among hardware, software, and installation as some lenders or leasing companies will have limits to the amount of non hardware that can be included in the financing amount.

Typically this will not be a problem and all costs will likely be eligible to be considered for computer equipment leasing.

For a capital lease, the available financing period will run between three and five years.

If you want to secure an operating lease for budgetary, accounting, cash flow, and/or taxation reasons, then the maximum leasing term is likely only going to be three years due to the risk to the lender of having to take back computer equipment at the end of the lease term.

Computer Server Leasing Can Be
Arranged Quickly

In many cases, it takes longer for the customer and vendor to agree and finalize the scope and pricing than it takes to get financing approved and in place.

If you are looking to secure server financing under $100,000, the deal can potentially be approved and funded in a couple of days,

For larger deals, the time lines are going to vary from five to ten days depending on the size of the deal and the amount of financial and credit review that will be required by the leasing company.

That being said, any business financing process that can be completed in 10 business days from time of application to funding would be considered fast.

Even though the actual computer server serves as a form of security to the leasing company, this type of financing is primarily made on the strength of the company time in business, cash flow, credit, and the covenants provided by the business and its primary owners if required.

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