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Computer Hardware Leasing

Does Your Business Need to Lease Computer Hardware?

Computer hardware leasing is being provided by more and more leasing companies seeking to further diversify their portfolios as well as take advantage of the significant repeat business that can more from computer hardware purchases over time.

Computer hardware is a steadily growing segment of the equipment leasing market as more and more businesses become more and more dependent on computer related technology.

While more and more of the smaller leasing companies will entertain computer hardware financing requests in the small ticket range of under $50,000, the larger purchases are more limited to the leasing companies that have a significant focus in financing computer hardware and software requirements.

For the larger deals that can range from hundreds of thousands of dollars to well into the millions, the strength of the financing is based on the established cash flow of the company and the ability of the leasing company or group to be able to resell different types of systems into the open market.

The more customized the computer hardware requirements, the more the financing will be dependent on a good balance sheet of a well established company supported by strong business credit and accumulated retained earnings.

Each computer hardware leasing program will also different options for repayment plans ranging from a capital lease which acts similar to an equipment loan to an operating lease which can have a number of different repayment and end of lease buy out options.

Get Computer Hardware  Leasing That Meets Your Business Needs

For smaller businesses that may require more than the $25,000 to $50,000 amounts many of the leasing companies will be prepared to consider, another option to financing is to spread the financing request over a number of leasing companies to collectively fall within the allowable limits.

As long as the company is strong enough to support the overall level of debt, this can be an excellent way for the leasing companies to reduce risk and for the business owner to access the capital they require.

Regardless of your computer hardware financing requirements, we suggest that you give us a call so we can quickly assess your situation and provide relevant equipment leasing options for your immediate consideration

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