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CNC Equipment Leasing

Does Your Business Need to Lease New Or CNC Equipment?

CNC Equipment leasing is available on a broad range of CNC units for both new and used units from a number of our leasing partners in Canada and the U.S.

The rates and terms that are available to a business at any point in time for leasing manufacturing equipment is based on the condition of the local manufacturing market.  The stronger the manufacturing industry, the stronger the resale market, which means that 1) new equipment provides a greater security value to leasing companies and 2) used equipment will hold its value longer also providing more reliable security value.

In times of manufacturing industry downturns, the cnc equipment leasing can be slightly harder to come by with higher rates and shorter repayment terms in effect.

Regardless of the current market dynamics, the best thing you can do when you’re in need for cnc equipment leasing is to give us a call so we can provide you with the best equipment leasing options available at any given point in time, saving you having to figure out which leasing companies can provide you with the best offer.

Get CNC Equipment Leasing That Meets Your Business Needs

And if you have recently gone through a rough patch due to market conditions and need to refinance existing equipment to produce some additional working capital (or your on a growth spurt), we may be able to get a sale and lease back arranged on CNC equipment you own outright.

This can be a great way to leverage equity you’ve built up in your manufacturing equipment assets in a time when other sources of capital are hard to come by.

If you’re just starting to look for CNC equipment, you can also apply for a pre-approval so you can determine right away what you can qualify for and the repayment terms.  This will allow you to get more focused on the research and buying process and also get the financing process out of the way.

Or, if you’ve already got an offer to purchase accepted or won a bid, we can turn your application around very quickly and get a commitment in place in a couple of days, depending on the nature of the transaction

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