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Asphalt Equipment Leasing

“Asphalt Equipment Leasing For New And Used Equipment”

Asphalt equipment leasing is available for both new and used asphalt equipment.

There are many benefits to using building equipment leasing programs for this type of asset including seasonal payment plans.

In most parts of the country, asphalt work is seasonal and so is the cash flow from the work performed.

With an equipment leasing option, we can work to get your payments structured to meet your cash flow whether that be monthly, quarterly, or semi annual payments, or a payment schedule that is further customized to fit your cash flow.

New asphalt equipment can be acquired for little to no money down and used equipment, while typically requiring more of a down payment, can still be arranged for up to 90% of the acquisition cost.

The key to used asphalt equipment financing is the condition of the asset and the remaining useful life.  Because most of this equipment is manufactured for a long use period, its also possible to finance assets that are more than 10 years old, provided they are in good enough condition.

For most applications under $100,000, a financing approval can be secured within 24 to 48 hours once a fully completed application is submitted.

For larger purchase amounts, the process can take a few days longer as more financial information may be required for review.

Asphalt Equipment Lease Financing  Provides Great Leverage For Construction Companies

Because road construction can be a very asset intensive type of service, its important to have proper financing in place to make your equity go the furthest.

This is where equipment leasing can play a major role in not only helping you acquire the assets you need today, but also to allow for you to plan out a realistic asset replacement schedule over time.

And the stronger the business’s cash flow and credit, the more leverage that can be provided through asphalt equipment leasing programs.

For most new equipment, a strong financial profile can secure at or near 100% financing, and in cases where there is a substantial delivery and/or set up cost for the asset after acquisition, these costs can also potentially be added into a lease, providing more than 100% of the asset cost in the form of financing.

Turnaround time on application requests are very fast and if there are any issues that come up during the application, delivery, or post funding process, we are always ready to provide assistance.

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