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Equipment Lease Brokers Help You Locate And Secure Equipment Financing For Your Business

An equipment leasing broker is an individual with an existing working relationship with equipment leasing companies that provide equipment financing to various business entities.

As leasing brokers, our job is to understand your equipment leasing requirements as quickly as possible, help you put together an application package suitable to specific leasing companies, and then submit that information on your behalf to the leasing companies that meet your requirements and fit your credit and financial profile.

After the submission is complete, we work back and forth between the leasing company and your business to make sure all questions get answered and unnecessary administration delays are eliminated so that a credit decision can be made as fast as possible, hopefully in your favor.

If we can’t identify a solution for your specific request, we will tell you right away so that we’re not wasting any of your time trying to locate suitable funding.

Equipment Leasing Brokers Provide Tremendous Value To Their Customers

First of all, most business owners are busy and perhaps do not require financing, specifically equipment financing, all that often.  Working with a broker allows you to outsource the process to a professional that is going to be more efficient at getting financing in place quickly.

Second, like other types of financing brokers, an equipment leasing broker has access to the broader market, allowing you a higher probability of getting the best available deal, versus making applications to one lender at a time that may or may not be a good fit for your requirements.

Third, once a lease is in place, an equipment leasing broker will remain as a resource to you if there are any administration issues related to a lease they have placed for you or if you’re planning for a future equipment acquisition where financing is going to be required.

If you are in need of equipment lease financing and want to know more about how we may be able to assist you with your financing requirements, please give us a call and we’ll get all your questions answered as quickly as possible.

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