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Concrete Pumping Truck Lease Financing

“Concrete Pumping Truck Lease Financing
For New And Used Units”



If You Need To Finance a New or Used Concrete Pump Truck, Look No Further!

We offer…

  • Low Rates
  • Fast Approvals
  • Fast Closings
  • Flexible Terms and Buyout Options
  • Financing For Most Credit Profiles
  • Unit Refinancing

If You Have A Quote For Financing In Hand, Give Us A Chance To Beat It!

Concrete pumping trucks are a major investment that need to be set up with the right financing structure in order to best fit into both your cash flow and balance sheet.

If you are buying directly from a dealer or manufacturer, there is a good chance that they will provide you with an in house financing option, but that certainly doesn’t mean its the best option available to you.

The reality is that in some cases, the cost of the unit can be significantly less if you purchase in cash, or finance through a different source than the dealer program.

This is why its not always a good idea to focus on just the cost of financing as the much larger cost is the cost of the concrete pumping truck itself.

By focusing on an independent source of financing you are in a much better position to get both the best truck purchase price and the best financing rates and terms.

The cost of getting a financing quote is fast, totally free of charge, and comes with no obligation.

Our goal is to help you get the right financing option for your concrete pump truck acquisition and get the deal funded as quickly as possible to you can get it to work.

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Off Highway Truck Leasing

“Off Highway Truck Lease Financing Solutions”

Off highway truck leasing is available for both new and used trucks.

Because there can be a considerable amount of variability with this type of asset in terms of acquisition cost, effective financing rate will also be effected in that larger financing requirements can typically command better or lower effective financing rates.

At the same time, the amount of overall financing the business is carrying for their off road truck inventory can also impact their ability to secure equipment leasing from different sources.

For instance, for small scale business operations, it may be fairly straightforward to lease one or two trucks at the same time, but when you get to five or six units, the overall financing debt load can impact ability to get the next unit financed.

This will be less of an issue with larger companies that have a higher level of cash flow and retained earnings.

Used off highway trucks can also be financed via a transport equipment leasing facility.

Because of the potential long useful life of some of these assets, its not uncommon to see financing provided on units greater than ten years old.

As long as it can be determined that the remaining useful life of the asset is more than the proposed leasing term, there is a good chance financing can be arranged.

For used truck lease financing, you will also need to put down a deposit between 5% and 20% depending on the individual lender’s requirements and assessment of the deal.

Used Off Highway Truck Lease Financing Will Require Condition And Value Reports

When trying to secure lease financing for a used truck, you are going to need to provide a detailed specification and condition report, potentially from a third party mechanic, to show proper disclose to a financing source as to the exact current condition of the asset.

In addition, the lender or leasing company may also require a third party equipment appraisal, especially when the value is greater than $100,000 and the age is greater than 5 years.

If you are looking to acquire a new or used off highway truck and would like to better understand your financing options, I suggest that you give us a call for a free lease financing assessment

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Fuel Efficiency Equipment Leasing

“Fuel Efficiency Equipment Leasing Options For Gas And Diesel Systems”

Fuel efficiency equipment or systems are available in the market to improve fuel efficiency for both gasoline and diesel transportation trucks.

Better fuel efficiency leads to better mileage while in most cases these systems also reduce the amount of harmful emissions produced by transport vehicles.

Depending on the company providing the fuel efficiency equipment, the cost of the system for one truck can range from $5,000 to $25,000.

And while this may not be a big cost in and of itself, when a company is looking at 10 units or 100 units, the capital cost of adding this equipment can be significant.

One solution is to use equipment leasing as a means of financing the equipment to be installed.

Because the main feature of fuel efficiency equipment is to reduce the cost of gas or fuel on a monthly basis, the savings created provide the incremental cash flow necessary to pay for the equipment over time.

This is why a transport leasing solution can be a great fit for this type of capital requirement.

An equipment lease is structured to fit into the incremental cash flow provided by the equipment so over time the units will be paid for from the savings and will not need to draw from existing cash flow to serve the lease.

So if the monthly saving could support a two year lease payment, then in two years the equipment would be completely paid for and then owned by the business through a biuyout at the end of the lease term whereby the business or lessee would purchase the units from the leasing company for a nominal buyout amount.

Fuel Efficiency Equipment Leasing Programs For Vendors And Business Owners

If you are an individual business that would like to acquire fuel efficiency equipment, we can process a financing request for one or more units.

For vendors looking to have a financing solution readily available to their customers, we recommend giving us a call so we can set up a vendor profile for you with leasing companies we deal with.

That way, as soon as you get a customer looking for financing for one or more units, we can get the application processed in under 24 hours in most cases due to the fact that the asset and vendor pre-qualification process will have been completed.

Larger financing request may take slightly longer to complete if additional customer information is required for lease company review such as financial statements.

Once again, because of the cash flow savings fuel efficiency equipment can generate, equipment lease financing is an excellent financing option to consider.

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Owner Operator Truck Leasing Requirements

“Requirements For Owner Operator Truck Leasing”

Its becoming more and more common these days for companies to reduce their headcount and corporate overhead through outsourcing many of the services they were taking care of internally.

One of the more common areas of outsourcing is trucking routes through the establishment of owner operating trucking contracts with previous employees or employees from another company.

Owner operator trucking assets can vary from highway tractors and trailers to more specialized forms of trucking assets.

In many cases, the soon to be owner operator is basically starting up a new business either as a proprietor or a corporation and financing will be required to acquire the primary asset needed to complete the contract work.

Acquired trucking assets that can be lease financed through an equipment leasing company can be either new or used.

For new equipment, the challenge with a new company with no credit history is the amount of funds that can be secured.  The assessment of  your application is going to be done considering a combination of your personal credit profile, personal net worth, personal cash flow, the contract you have available to you, and the amount of cash you can invest in the deal.

In many instances, the new owner operator is looking to acquire a used truck directly from the same company that is providing the operating contract.

In these situations, the asset being acquired is from a private seller, which will require a detailed review of the truck title to make sure that there are no outstanding charges or liens registered against it.


Key Requirements For Used Owner Operator Truck Leasing

When the truck asset or assets you want to acquire are used, there are a number of specific transportation leasing requirements that you should be aware of.

First of all, most leasing companies will want you to provide detailed truck specifications on each asset including trailers to better describe the features of the asset as well as its level of use and maintenance log.

Second, used assets less than five years old are going to be easier to finance than older assets, even if the older assets are lower miles or hours.

Third, most used equipment financing facilities will require a lessee or borrower down payment of at least 20% of the value of the truck being acquired.

Fourth, the owner operator is going to need to have good credit with all outstanding credit accounts paid up to date including amounts owing to the government for income taxes or other forms of tax remittance.

In addition to the above requirements, most transportation equipment leasing companies require that the owner operator own their own home.

If they don’t own a home, they may be able to qualify with a cosigner that is a home owner.


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Rock Truck Lease Financing

“Rock Truck Lease Financing For New And Used Rock Trucks”

New rock truck leasing and financing typically is provided by the manufacturers that produce these types of units.

The manufacturer’s also tend to have a strong dealer net work so in the event of a borrower or lessor default, they have the ability to easily market the assets held for security for resale in order to repay the amount owing.

While that may not be incredibly important to someone looking for financing, having the ability to liquidate used equipment provides lenders or financing company with a stronger basis to work from when considering applications for credit.

Outside of manufacturers, there a significant number of lenders that would also consider transportation equipment leasing for rock trucks for many of the same reasons.

However, due to the high ticket price of most rock truck units, the are going to be less interested financing parties compared to items that carry smaller capital amounts.

Used Rock Truck Leasing With Largely Depend On The Remaining Useful Life Of The Asset

Because most new rock trucks get financed through manufacturer direct or sponsored financing or leasing programs, the majority of financing requests we see for this type of asset is for used rock truck purchases or acquisitions, or refinancing actions.

The good news here is that there are a few of our financing sources that are prepared to finance used rock trucks, even ones that are fifteen years old or slightly older.

Because of the long term potential use and durability of the asset, providing financing on a used rock truck is still considered a good financing invest by those financing companies that lend on heavy equipment.

The key to getting a used rock truck financed through a loan or lease is to have all the truck specification information readily available to the lender as well as a detailed service log that identifies when major repairs were made to the motor and transmission.

The remaining useful life of a rock truck is going to be a combination of age, operating hours, and condition.  As long as the asset has been well maintained, older units can still get financed.

And financing can include both acquisition as well as the refinancing of existing equipment that you already own and want to leverage to inject cash back into the business.

If you require rock truck lease financing, I suggest that you give us a call so we can quickly assess your requirements and provide equipment leasing options for your immediate consideration


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