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Boring Mill Leasing

“Boring Mill Leasing For New And Used Equipment”

Boring mill leasing is available through several of our equipment leasing sources.

The process for securing manufacturing equipment financing for this type of asset starts with an initial assessment of your financing requirements.

This is typically done over the phone and does not require a credit check or for you to provide any documentation.

Based on the information you provide and the requirements you outline to us, we will provide an initial estimate or quote for boring mill lease financing rates and terms.

If you want to proceed with any options we have outlined, the next step would be to complete a formal application which will include the completion of a two page application form, a copy of the vendor’s invoice/estimate/quote describing exactly what you want to acquire and the terms of sale, a copy of the front page of your articles of incorporation or business registration to show that you have an established business, and other supporting information that may be required depending on the specific financing request.

Once we complete an application package, it typically takes 24 to 48 hours to get an approval back from most lenders.  For larger deals, the process can take few additional days if more than one level of lender or leasing company review is required.

Once approved, the deal can typically be funded within 48 hours, provided all documentation is in order.

Boring Mill Leasing Approvals Will Depend On A Number Of Factors

One of the main leasing criteria is going to be the credit rating of the business and the lease guarantors.

We have the ability to place A, B, C credit scenarios with our lending sources.

While not a hard rule, most A & B credit lenders will require a credit score of at least 650.

The longer your company has been in business, the stronger your boring mill lease financing options will be.

As mentioned earlier, financing options are available on both new and used boring mills.

The key to financing used equipment is the actual age of the asset and the estimated remaining useful life.  Because boring mills typically have a long operating life span, it may be possible to finance mills that are 10 years old or older, depending on their condition and remaining useful life.

If you require boring mill leasing for either a new or used unit, I suggest that you give a call so we can quickly conduct our free initial assessment and provide you with relevant lease financing options for your consideration.

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Ironworker Equipment Leasing

“Ironworker Equipment Leasing Available For Both
New And Used Units”

Ironworker equipment leasing can be obtained from a number of our manufacturing equipment leasing and metal fabrication lease financing sources.

Because of the considerable amount of useful life that can be attributed to an Ironworker, its not only possible to lease finance the purchase of a new or used asset, but its also possible to refinance this type of equipment, even more than once.

This is due to both the strength of the resale market for Iron workers as well as the amount of time over which they can hold their value.

While most assets over 10 years old can be difficult to lease finance through an equipment leasing company, metal fabrication and manufacturing assets like an Ironworker can be financed at 20 years of age and older.

For new equipment, the process for financing can be very quick, especially if the financing amount is under $20,000.  Larger units with higher purchase prices can also have financing arranged in a day or so, but may require slightly more documentation to support the application.

In most cases when an established business of more than two years applies for Iron worker financing on a new unit, the leasing company providing financing will be financing at or near 100% of the purchase price, and if there are delivery and installation costs that need to be added to the lease, the financing amount can actually exceed 100% of the acquisition cost.

Ironworker Lease Financing Can Be Structured For Cash Flow And Tax Purposes.

When considering lease financing for an Iron worker acquisition, the leasing company may provide you with a choice between an operating lease structure and a capital lease.

The capital lease is very similar to an equipment loan in terms of payment structure and accounting.

With an operating lease, you can potentially increase the balloon payment at the end of the lease term in order to reduce cash flow payments during the lease.

Or, if you have the cash flow to pay back the lease faster, you can set up a shorter lease term which will allow you to expense the payments as an operating cost, allowing you to write off the asset faster for tax purposes.

Operating leases also provide you with the option of purchasing or not purchasing the asset at the end of the lease term

If you require Ironworker equipment financing, I suggest that you give us a call so we can go over your requirements with you and discuss the different options available to you in the market.

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Lease Financing Manufacturing Equipment

We Provide Lease Financing For Both New And Used Manufacturing Equipment


One thing that holds true for lease financing manufacturing equipment as it does for most types of equipment, is that the more common the asset and the longer its useful life, the easier it likely will be to get financing for it.

When we refer to common, we are taking about commodity type items like forklifts, conveyors, and so on.  But the more specialized or customized any type of asset gets, the harder its going to be to lease finance.


Because the security value for a equipment leasing company is going to depend on their ability to liquidate the asset in the open market within a predictable amount of time and a predictable price range in the event of default, or their risk of loss goes up.

This doesn’t mean that more specialized or customized manufacturing assets can’t be lease financed, but it does mean that the overall financial and credit profile of the borrower will likely need to be stronger than for a commodity asset.

But in many cases, manufacturing equipment leasing is not overly difficult to locate because many of the assets within an industry are rather common, even though there are different makes, models, and functional options among units.

This is also why equipment leasing for used manufacturing equipment is also very common and even competitive among leasing companies

Advantages Of  Lease Financing Good Used Manufacturing Equipment

While you’re always going to get better equipment financing options for new equipment, especially when you consider the number of manufacturers supplying this equipment that have their own leasing program, used manufacturing equipment is potentially something that can be lease financed over and over again.

And when you have manufacturing equipment in good condition, that has a long useful life, this is a distinct possibility.

Remember that most equipment leasing terms are for 5 to 7 years at the most.  So when you pay off an equipment lease for an asset that has a long useful life, and is kept in good condition, there is a good chance you could turn around and lease finance it again, and potentially again in time.

Equity in this type of equipment can be a great source of capital over time, potentially providing higher amounts of debt financing leverage compared to the same assets being offered as bulk security for an operating loan at a bank.

And the stronger the financial and credit profile of the business seeking financing, the better the rates and terms of financing are going to be for used manufacturing equipment as well.

If you need to lease finance some manufacturing equipment you want to acquire, or presently own, please give us a call and we’ll go through you’re options together.


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CNC Equipment Leasing


Does Your Business Need to Lease New Or CNC Equipment?

CNC Equipment leasing is available on a broad range of CNC units for both new and used units from a number of our leasing partners in Canada and the U.S.

The rates and terms that are available to a business at any point in time for leasing manufacturing equipment is based on the condition of the local manufacturing market.  The stronger the manufacturing industry, the stronger the resale market, which means that 1) new equipment provides a greater security value to leasing companies and 2) used equipment will hold its value longer also providing more reliable security value.

In times of manufacturing industry downturns, the cnc equipment leasing can be slightly harder to come by with higher rates and shorter repayment terms in effect.

Regardless of the current market dynamics, the best thing you can do when you’re in need for cnc equipment leasing is to give us a call so we can provide you with the best equipment leasing options available at any given point in time, saving you having to figure out which leasing companies can provide you with the best offer.

Get CNC Equipment Leasing That Meets Your Business Needs

And if you have recently gone through a rough patch due to market conditions and need to refinance existing equipment to produce some additional working capital (or your on a growth spurt), we may be able to get a sale and lease back arranged on CNC equipment you own outright.

This can be a great way to leverage equity you’ve built up in your manufacturing equipment assets in a time when other sources of capital are hard to come by.

If you’re just starting to look for CNC equipment, you can also apply for a pre-approval so you can determine right away what you can qualify for and the repayment terms.  This will allow you to get more focused on the research and buying process and also get the financing process out of the way.

Or, if you’ve already got an offer to purchase accepted or won a bid, we can turn your application around very quickly and get a commitment in place in a couple of days, depending on the nature of the transaction

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Packaging Equipment Leasing


Does Your Business Need to Lease  New or Used Packaging Equipment?

Packing Equipment Leasing is available on a wide variety of packaging related assets from a number of equipment leasing sources that collectively cover off all levels of credit and time in business.

To give you a better idea of the types of assets we are referring to, here is a list of the more common packaging equipment assets that are financed via equipment lease on a regular basis.

Baggers,  marking equipment,  steam tunnel, washer, wicketted bagging and sealing system, automatic baler, automatic cash packer, inspection systems, sealer, material handling equipment, labeling machines, semi-automatic case packer, linear scale, Bag Insertion System, capping machines, case-erector, vacuum packaging, shrink wrap equipment, sleeving machine, rinser, coding equipment, gravity scale, filling machines, induction sealer, combination weigher, volumetric filler, conveyor, turntable, piston fillers, servo auger filler, gummed tape dispenser, hot air sealer, baggers, case sealer, shrink tunnel, unscrambler.Used packaging equipment can be leased financed, provided that the remaining perceived useful life of the asset is longer than any lease term that would be issued.  Many leasing companies will even associate age ranges for used manufacturing equipment to determine what they will consider for financing.  Typically, the older the asset, the shorter the available lease term and the higher the leasing rate.

That being said, if you have an opportunity to get a great deal on a used piece of equipment in good condition, even slightly higher leasing rates can still make the acquisition economically beneficial is the purchase price is right.

Get Packing Equipment Leasing  That Meets Your Business Needs

For new or used packaging equipment purchases, the best first step with respect to financing is to apply for a pre-approved lease to get the financing in order prior to conducting your research and shopping.  A pre-approval will be based on certain asset types and age so as long as you stay withing what has been put forward with your application, the financing will be available for the asset you select.  Any significant deviation from the pre-approval in terms of asset age and financing amount may require further qualifying by the leasing company.

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