Bulldozer Lease Financing

“Bulldozer Leasing Available On Both New And Used Units”

One of the great things about bulldozer lease financing options is that there can be a lot of them available to you.

This is largely due to the long useful life associated with this type of asset.

Equipment leasing companies for the most part are very comfortable with the security value provided by bulldozer and the supply of financing available at any one time is going to be directly proportional to the strength of the resale market.

Put another way, when the economy is going well, most heavy equipment will be at work and there will likely be more demand than supply for used assets.

Conversely when the economy goes through a down swing, there tends to be more heavy equipment assets up for sale which pushes down the price and in turn offers a lower level of security to a leasing company that may have to resell the asset.

But when the resale market is solid, this drives the sale of both new and used equipment and provides a solid exit strategy for an equipment leasing company, creating more financing interest in bulldozers and related equipment.

Because the construction industry can be very capital intensive, its important to get as much leverage as possible from the construction equipment financing market to conserve your cash for operations.

This is why bulldozer lease financing can be so valuable as in many cases the financing being arranged is at or near 100% of the acquisition cost of the asset.

Bulldozer Leasing Can Be Arranged For Small And Large Amounts

And there is no real minimum or maximum amount that can be financed as well with some transactions being under $50,000 and others well over $100,000.

The key to maximum leverage is the strength of the company’s credit profile and cash flow.

When credit and cash flow are strong, lease financing companies are less concerned about debt to equity ratios on the balance sheet and focus in on the quality of the asset being taken as security.

The leverage on used assets will not typically be as high as they are for new, but in many cases leverage in the 80% to 90% range in possible.  And equipment age in some cases can exceed 10 years allowing for assets to also be refinanced at times.

Regardless of your bulldozer equipment leasing need, I suggest that you give us a call so we can complete an assessment of your requirements and review different equipment leasing options with you.

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