Golf Equipment Lease Financing

Golf Equipment Leasing includes both golf carts and golf course equipment for new and used equipment. 

Golf equipment has one of the strongest resale markets for used equipment as golf carts in particular can hold their value for a long period of time.

Here is short list of the most common types of golf related equipment that are pre-approved for financing with Canadian leasing companies.

  • Golf Utility Vehicle
  • Loader
  • Dump Trailer
  • Brush Chipper
  • Sprayer
  • Weed Eater
  • Golf Cart
  • Electric Golf Cart
  • Gas Golf Cart
  • Beverage Cart
  • Aerator
  • Leaf Blower
  • Fairway Mower
  • Greens Mower
  • Zero Turn Mower
  • Push Mower
  • Rotary Mower
  • Top Dresser

Golf equipment is a very popular item in most lease company portfolios because of the slow level of average depreciation on most assets and the very active resale market for used equipment.

As a result, golf equipment lease financing also attracts some of the better leasing rates available in the market place due to the perceived lower level of risk associated with these assets.

When golf related equipment is purchased in volume such as a bulk order of golf carts, the entire order can be put on one lease or broken up over several leases if required.

Because of the strong resale market for book value pricing or higher, these assets can potentially be refinanced in the future through sale and lease back programs to generate incremental capital for the golf course owner. In order to complete a sale and lease back transaction, the equipment would likely need to be appraised by a certified third party appraiser to establish the liquidation value a leasing company would use as their security value.

Once again, due to the strong resale market for golf carts in particular, there can be very attractive operating and capital leasing options to consider.

New and Used Golf cart leasing is also available through consumer financing programs for those individuals that want to purchase their own carts for personal use.

If you’re in the market for new or used golf equipment, give us a call to either get a pre-approval in place for an up coming purchase, or provide us with a vendor invoice for golf equipment you’ve already located and we’ll process you application for financing right away.

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